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            Techniques for Great Buzz Cuts

            Many folks avoid cutting their own hair for fear of inexperience. We've all had nightmares about going to school or work with a terrible haircut, right? While professional hair styling should be left to the professionals, buzz cutting is really easy! Here's some answers to a few common questions about buzz cuts:

            1. Should I cut my hair wet or dry?

              Depending on the type and length of hair about to be cut, the wetness or dryness of hair can make a significant difference. The best advice is to try both ways and see what works best for your hair. In general, if the hair is curly or long it will probably help to dampen the hair before cutting. If your hair is relatively straight or fairly short (1/2 inch or so), you can probably cut it dry just as good. Additionally, wet or damp hair is believed to be easier on the clipper blades than dry hair.

            2. Should I use a blade guard or not?

              Well, silly, that depends on how short you want your hair! There is no danger in using clippers without a guard, and many people prefer this technique when going for the bald look without the razor or cream. Depending on the quality of your clippers, shaving without a guard (sometimes called a "zero") can cut the hair extremely close to your head. Here's my advice on whether or not you should try it: If your hair could be "too short" for your liking, don't try it. Otherwise, throw that blade guard away and go for it!

            3. How do I keep my clippers sharp and cutting strong?

              To take care of your clippers, you have to, well, take care of your clippers. Clean them after every use, even removing the blade parts and cleaning the insides with a cotton swab. Be sure you oil your blades before or after every use. Most clippers will come with supplied lubricant, but when that runs out, just use a household cooking oil. Also, sometimes it's necessary to use a small object like a toothpick to clean out between the blade teeth. I usually do this about once every three or four cuts. These simple steps will add 2-3 minutes to your buzz time, but add longevity to your shears.

            Read my latest article on Your First Buzz Cut for some introductory information.