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            Review: Oster Fast Feed Clippers

            Oster Fast Feed

            Price: $47.95 at Amazon.com

            After burning out several brands and models of different clippers, the Oster Fast Feed is my current clipper of choice. I would recommend it to anyone who cuts hair on a regular or semi-regular basis.

            When deciding on my last set of clippers, I spent hours reading reviews from online sites such as Epinions.com and Amazon.com to hear from other Buzz Cutters. After burning through two magnetic clippers within a few years, I knew I wanted to step up in quality. I had seen the high-end Classic 76, but was unsure about shelling out $100+ for the set. The Fast Feed is a notch below the Classic 76, but still a highly regarded set of shears. I found a set on eBay for close to $50 and I pulled the trigger. With a pivot motor, it was sure to provide more cutting power than I had experienced with any of my cheap magnetic motor clippers.

            Immediately after opening the box I could tell this was going to be a quality set. The absence of unnecessary items such as mirrors, scissors or plastic capes indicated to me that this was a clipper for experienced users. The first buzz confirmed my suspicions. The Fast Feed quickly plowed through my hair like no other clipper I had owned. It was smooth, fast and under control.

            After several uses, the Fast Feed has performed like a true champ. In addition to its excellent performance, the Fast Feed comes with the following advantages:

            I would not hesitate to recommend the Oster Fast Feed to any buzz cutter. You can find the Oster Fast Feed at many online retailers, and often on ebay.