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            Review: Oster Classic 76

            Oster Classic 76

            Price: $110 from Amazon

            If hair clippers were motor vehicles, the Oster Classic 76 would be a Hummer. Enough horsepower and strength to traverse any head of hair with relative ease. This professional-grade clipper from Oster boasts a powerful motor and the durability to be your #1 shear for years to come.

            It is not cheap, however, and I would not recommend this clipper to a novice. The Classic 76 is made for the dedicated buzz-cutter who needs a reliable clipper for regular use, or for extra-thick hair. For the average person, the Oster Fast Feed is a much better introductory clipper.

            The Oster Classic 76 is also heavy, and may seem cumbersome for weak users who are accustomed to weaker shears. Some have joked that the Classic 76 will last longer than you can hold it up - with is a testament to the reliability of the shear. It is also louder than your average hair clipper, as you might expect.

            Finally, you will need to purchase combs and guides seperately for the Classic 76. Those can be found at retailers like Amazon.com for a nominal price.

            In conclusion, the Oster Classic 76 is a professional-grade clipper that will not dissapoint you. Among it's many strengths are:

            For professional or seasoned buzz-cutters, I would not hesitate to recommend the Oster Classic 76. You can find the Classic 76 at many online retailers, and often on ebay.