Welcome to Buzz-Cut.net!

If you're like me, you know the benefits of maintaining a good buzz cut. Buy less shampoo. No bed head in the morning. Combs and brushes, a thing of the past! But the greatest benefit of all might just be the hundreds of dollars I've saved over the past 10 years by avoiding the barber and cutting my own hair! With the right equipment and a bit of training, you can be saving money with the buzz cut just like me.

I hope this website can adequately inform you about techniques, equipment and maintenance involved in shaving hair, whether it's your own head or someone else's. Whether you prefer the fade, a vintage flat-top, or just a boring buzz cut like me, I'm sure you can find something of value.

In the green navigation bar above, you will find 4 main sections of this site.

In the clippers section, you'll find helpful information to consider when purchasing hair clippers. I've also added some reviews of leading manufacturers and models of hair clippers, from the ultra-cheap the the high-end cutters.

In techniques, I'll share some hair cutting techniques that I've learning over the years, whether from personal experience or fellow shavers.

The accessories section details some necessary and helpful accessories that will keep your cutting equipment in top condition for years.

Finally, in more resources I've listed some of my favorites resources on the net for buzz cut information.

If you're new to head shaving, be sure to read Your First Buzz Cut.

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