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            You may have use for one of more of the following common accessories used for hair cutting:

            Replacement Clipper Blades

            The great thing about purchasing a quality hair clipper over just any shelf set is the ability to replace worn out or dull parts. If you can replace just the blade of that often-used shear, you will save money in the long run. For my current clippers, the Oster Fast Feed, I am able to choose from a selection of replacement blades that include the standard blade a several custom blades that offer finer or thicker teeth. Some clipper manufacturers even offer blades that double as a guide comb, eliminating the need for a plastic guide.

            Clipper Guide Combs

            In addition to ensuring that the blades stay strong and sharp, additional guide combs are available for many of the best-selling clippers. Have you purchased a clipper set, but wish you had a length in between the #2 and #3? Take a look to see if any aftermarket guide combs can be purchased that fit your clippers. Often these are available online from retailers like Amazon or can be found on eBay.

            Clipper Blade Oil

            Oiling the clipper blades after each use keeps hair clippers cutting strong and smooth. Clipper oil is almost always included with the purchase of any set of shears, but alternative oils like vegetable oil and olive oil are equally effective.